International Logistics

We have in a place our own Logistics Manager to control all international collections and movements whether they be by air, sea or land.

We use many international logistics companies many of whom are household names. All vehicles have either telephones or GPS tracking so that they can update us as to where the vehicles are at any one time so more accurate delivery schedules can be made and advised to our customers.

All air freight and sea freight shipments are tracked on a regular basis to ensure timely delivery to our distribution centres to allow for a quick delivery service to our customers.

In adddition to all of this temperatures of our products are monitored whilst in transit either by thermograph, traditional temperature recorder or using the very lastest electrontic signalling devices which, when entering our distribution centres, all temperatures are automatically dowloaded on to a computer and we are warned if there are any major varitaions in temperature.

All of our customs clearences are handled by major customs clearing agents to enable us to clear our produce as quickly as possible with the minimum of delay enabling us to get our products to our customers as quickly as possible.