UK Delivery & Distribution

Fruco uses distribution centres that specialise in chilled distribution and cold storage of a variety of products from all over the globe. Dealing specifically with the delivery of fresh produce throughout the UK. They have access to a fleet of purpose built refrigerated vehicles at our disposal.

Our distribution centres offer the following

The distribution sites we use offer an unlimited capacity of cold storage and deliver nationwide including Ireland, they also offer a number of benefits listed to below

  1. Focused at providing a quality service with reliable timely deliveries.
  2. Extensive industry knowledge
  3. Unique location offering a nightly delivery service to all major delivery locations throughout the UK
  4. In house quality control. Full quality control reporting and testing is done on arrival of all goods. 
  5. Comprehensive chilled warehousing and distribution network


In addition to this Fruco has at its disposal a large number of logistics operaters, many equipped with GPS tracking, co-ordinated from their own office by a dedicated logistics manager. This allows for timely deliveries and constant contact with the vehicles to give greater accuaracy to delivery times.